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Hong Kong is really good at getting you where you need to go. The public transportation system is famous around the world for its efficiency and profitability, making Hong Kong one of the least car-dependent cities, with only about 710,000 registered vehicles.

General Employment Policy

Persons admitted as professionals under the GEP will normally be granted an initial stay of 24 months on employment condition, or in accordance with the duration of the employment contract (whichever is shorter), upon entry.

Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals

It normally takes four weeks to process entry permit application for employment under ASMTP upon receipt of all the required documents. … If you meet the relevant eligibility criteria under the Scheme, you may apply to take up employment in the HKSAR under the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals.

technology talent admission scheme

TechTAS provides a fast-track arrangement for eligible companies to admit non-local technology talent to undertake research and development (R&D) work for them in the HKSAR. … Eligible companies would first have to apply for a quota.

Investment as Entrepreneurs

The investor takes risk with an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur focuses on the business operation, while investor focuses on commercial and financial sides of the business. 2. An entrepreneur comes up with new business idea, while an investor considers the existing business idea brought up by entrepreneur.

Foreign Domestic Helpers

Comprising five percent of Hong Kong’s population, about 98.5% of them are women. In 2019, there were 400,000 foreign domestic helpers in the territory; of these, 48 percent were from the Philippines, 49.4 percent from Indonesia and 1.3 percent from Thailand

Imported Workers

The Supplementary Labour Scheme is implemented in Hong Kong, allowing employers with genuine difficulties in finding suitable employees locally to import workers at technician level or below from outside Hong Kong.


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Connectivity with China

The “Stock Connect” link between China's mainland markets and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange relaxes restrictions that historically split the Chinese stock market between shares targeted at local investors and those available to international investors.


A tax is a mandatory fee or financial charge levied by any government on an individual or an organization to collect revenue for public works providing the best facilities and infrastructure. The collected fund is then used to fund different public expenditure programs.

Family benefits

Family benefits are the social benefits intended to provide families with support to partially compensate the expenses incurred for subsistence and the education of children.

Robust legal system

General. The continuos operation of a process regardless of any external changes that may affect it.

Offshore Cash Holdings

Disability benefits

Money that is paid by the government to someone who cannot work because of an illness, injury, or medical condition: If your injuries are bad enough, you will have to claim disability benefit.

Unemployment and work-related benefits

An allowance of money paid, usually weekly, to an unemployed worker by a state or federal agency or by the worker's labor union or former employer during all or part of the period of unemployment. Also called: unemployment compensation.

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