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In Canada, the immigration industry is regulated, but as many people are aware, there are many scams going on because dishonest ghost consultants pretend to be legally appointed consultants who give clients immigration advice and services when, in reality, they are not allowed to. In Canada, this is a crime that carries heavy fines and a criminal record.

As commissions are paid on successful cases, this is a great way to get involved in Canadian immigration and a good way to make money legally with authorised CICC & IRCC approved consultant

What distinguishes a registered consultant from an agent?

1.Legal counsel and services pertaining to Canadian immigration programs and services may be obtained from an RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant), who is duly licensed to practice law regarding Canadian Immigration matters for the services they offer to clients, they might demand payment.

2.An immigration agent is not an RCIC and is merely an extension of the licensed consultant where they are located in the world and is overseen by the person who appointed them. Agents help advisors find clients. An agent is not allowed to charge a client for his services as the RCIC pays the agent a fee for each case successfully processed. A commission. Agents may not provide legal advice or advice, they may not provide direct information to clients based on their own knowledge and information, but they may disclose information provided by the RCIC. Agents should already have a location and connections to customer flows, or be able to establish themselves in a short time.

Broad Vision Honest Service Great Value

Our goal is to provide best quality legal immigration solutions to Canada,Australia,New Zealand,U.K,Singapore

Welcome To Canaccess Immigration Services

Where We Build Your Visions

Can Access Immigration(CIS) offers a broad portfolio of exquisitely managed pre-flight to post landing services acclimated to the exigencies of each client. We have developed the entire business model, one of its own kind,to provide one-stop package of services to make an individual’s transition to a new land completely hassle-free. A combination of extensive experience, global presence and profound industry knowledge empowers us to provide result oriented solutions.

Mr. Mohit Ghai – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

After fulfilling many requirements and obligations Mr. Mohit Ghai has become a regulated immigration consultant and  is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)  with License#R508662. He gives immigration related advice. He has the responsibility right from clearing the doubts of prospecting clients about why, where and how they should immigrate to Canada. Mr.Mohit Ghai and his company Canaccess Immigration is also approved by Government Of Saskatchewan  License#00428 as an approved consultant and a job recruiter. 

Interested in becoming an Immigration Agent or wanted to get your cases processed by us legally ?

An Agent is responsible for:

1.Advertising on local channels to find qualified customers by giving them the chance to complete local assessments to check for eligibility

2.Sign up qualified clients to have Canaccess Immigration Services P ltd /Mr. Mohit Ghai represent them. Help clients with local requirements.

3.Preparation for language tests for ECA applications for qualifications

4.Obtaining transcripts for qualifications

5.Obtaining Police Clearance Certificates

6.Booking Medical Examinations

7.Booking Biometric Appointments

8.Obtaining Birth Certificates

9.Obtaining Marriage Certificates Résumé preparation Digital Photos for applications

10.Organizing Consultations with Canaccess Immigration Services P ltd / Mr. Mohit Ghai Organizing Seminars or Webinars to Present Immigration Information to Clients Selling Canaccess Immigration Services P ltd /Mr. Mohit Ghai Products and Services

There are certain requirements for collaboration or to become an agent of Canaccess Immigration Services P ltd / Mr. Mohit Ghai

1.Have a a valid certificate of business registration;

2.Have a valid local tax number; the names and addresses of all business owners and directors;

3.Have an official office and physical address;

4.Have no criminal records; at least three letters of recommendation from clients and suppliers;

5.Have a website; a phone number; and an email address for the business.

6.Include a plan for how you will incorporate Canaccess Immigration Services P ltd / Mr. Mohit Ghai products and services into your business and offer them to your customers. Provide complete contact information.

7.Include emergency contact information.

Once appointed, an Agent will:

  • Sign a CIS Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • Sign CIS Confidentiality and Privacy Agreements.
  • Sign an Agents Agreement which will be registered with CICC.
  • ​Sign a CICC code of conduct and ethics.
  • Follow CIS guidelines.

Approved By Govt Of Saskatchewan Licence No. – 000428

Agent opportunities are currently available around the world:

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  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (O PNP)
  • Investor programs
  • Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Spousal and Dependent Sponsorship
  • Sponsorships
  • Study Permit Visa
  • PHD graduate Permanent Resident application
  • Work Permit Visa, open work permit, dependent and post graduate work permit
  • Canada Federal Skilled Workers (FSW)
  • Canada Federal Trades Workers (FTW)
  • Visitor visa
  • Temporary Residence visa (TRV)
  • On-campus and Off-campus work permit
  • Parents and Grandparents Super Visa
  • Appeals, refugee claims
  • Canada Humanitarian and compassionate H&C

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