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One of the top locations for skilled professionals wishing to relocate and work overseas is Sweden. Prior to this, Sweden did not grant any permission for anyone to move there in order to look for employment or start a business. The Swedish government has, however, launched the Sweden job seeker visa in June 2022 as a residence permit for highly qualified individuals to look for work or start a business.

What is a Sweden Work Permit?

This new Swedish visa enables anyone to look for employment in Sweden. This work seeker visa will be valid for at least three months, but it may be issued for up to nine months.

Important requirements for the Sweden Work Visa

If you meet the requirements, you may apply for this permit.

What is a degree at the graduate level?
As was previously stated, a graduate degree is required to apply for a job seeker visa to enter Sweden. If your degree matches to any of the following, it will be regarded as advanced level:

a professional degree worth 60–330 credits,

a 60–120 credit Master’s degree, a postgraduate/PhD-level degree,

or a professional degree worth 60–330 credits.

When submitting your application, you must include a letter authorising the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) to get in touch with your school to confirm the credentials of the documents you have submitted.

Your documents are sent to UHR by the Swedish Migration Agency so they can evaluate your level of education. Before you have submitted your application, the Agency is unable to respond to inquiries about the calibre of your degree. This licence is a prerequisite for getting a work permit, or Sweden work visa.

When you need to translate documents?

Since the skilled professionals in India enquire a lot about, Sweden work visa for Indian, therefore it is important to know about a key aspect regarding the document translation. If your examination certificate and official transcript are issued is not in either Swedish or English, get the same translated into Swedish or English through an authorized translator. Attach the copies of the original documents and the translated documents to your application.

After submitting the application

Once an applicant has submitted an application for a residence permit, the Swedish Immigration Service will examine the submitted application and documents and make a decision accordingly. A minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 9 months can be granted

If you received approval If you received permission for more than 3 months, you will receive a residence permit card. The card proves that you have the right to stay in Sweden and contains your fingerprints and photo, among other information. If you need an entry visa to travel to Sweden, you must visit the Swedish embassy or consulate general in your country of residence as soon as possible to have your photo taken and your fingerprints taken.

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Frequently asked questions about Swedish jobseeker visa

If you are also interested in applying for a jobseeker’s permit and then a Swedish work permit for Indians, see the answer to some of the most common and frequently asked questions:

1.Can I bring family members with this?

It is not possible to bring family members with this permit. However, if you find a job, you can apply for a work permit, which allows family members to join you in Sweden.

2.Can I work with a jobseeker’s permit?

You may not work with the job seeker’s permission. If you find a job in Sweden, you must apply for a work permit to start working. However, you can start work immediately after submitting a work permit (no need to wait for approval).

3.What is comprehensive health insurance?

Health Insurance (CHI) covers: emergency and other medical care, hospital care, dental care and hospital care. Generally good and comprehensive travel insurance covers the above mentioned health services. However, you must have proof that the insurance is valid for the duration of your stay.

4.How to get permission to start your own company in Sweden?

If you want to start a business in Sweden, you can apply for a residence permit as a self-employed person in Sweden and operate your business while the Swedish Immigration Office processes it.

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